As a skilled facilitator and guide, I offer the following workshops, any of which can be modified to suit the needs of the group:

Collaborative Theatremaking:

This workshop guides participants through a dynamic process that promotes collaboration and provocation.  Melding source material, physical theatre techniques and visual storytelling to create the first stages of a new performance, this workshop is ideal for performers, directors, writers and designers. Previous devising experience is encouraged but not necessary. Most essential is a willingness to explore, generate material and engage in the critiquing process.

This is a hands-on workshop where participants will work in small groups to use research to generate performance material through composition work and storytelling assignments.

Collaborative Communication:

Over the course of 90 minutes, community members and theatre artists will join forces for a theatrical brainstorming session in response to a local or group-specific challenge.   Past workshop themes have included: food access, environmental damage and cross-generational communication.  Participants are invited to use creative writing, creative movement, critical thought and improvisation; the techniques used encompass both the literal and the expressive, offering a wide range of artistic possibilities to be navigated by each participant.  The workshop is designed to inspire participants to see an opportunity for change or action in their own lives.

Past workshops have been held at the Educational Alliance, Berkshire Fringe, Day One and the Eileen Fisher Leadership Institute.