Give Us Bread

Written & Directed by Melissa F. Moschitto

Featuring performances by:
Jean Goto, Jennifer Griffee, Jennifer Moses,
Shayna Padovano, Katy Rubin, Sonja Sweeney

  • June 2009             World Premiere – The Milagro/CSV (NYC)
  • October 2009       Hofstra University/Day of Dialogue
  • April 2010             Mayor Bloomberg’s Immigrant Heritage Week (NYC)
  • August 2010         The Berkshire Fringe

In order to feed their families, immigrant women took action in the form of boycotts and riots against skyrocketing food prices.  Based on the 1917 food riots in New York City’s Lower East Side, Give Us Bread combines historical research, archival material, original writing and stylized movement to bring to the stage this little-known piece of history.

Raj Patel

Postcard design by Ben Paddock
The story of Bavsi
“Four Rules”

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