For The Love Of….

February 4-14 2010 @ The Flamboyan/CSV
February 21, 24 & 28  2010 @ The Tank

Devised by The Anthropologists
Direction & Movement by Melissa F. Moschitto

For the Love Of… is a constellation of three visceral and absurd dance plays.  In a mash-up of classical text, contemporary movement and pop culture, the profound becomes pedestrian and the mundane, magnetic.  It’s about dead guys like Chekhov and Kafka and Shakespeare.  It’s about loving a bookcase.  It’s about being a beefcake.  It’s about wanting too much.  It’s dance, but it’s not dance.
It’s choreographed emotion.

The cast of FALLING, inspired by A MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM. l to r: Jennifer Griffee, Petra Denison, Sonja Sweeney
The cast of CORPUS, inspired by Kafka’s METAMORPHOSIS: Patrick Berger, Justin Neal, JJ Mehren, Karim Muasher
EXCESS, inspired by THE CHERRY ORCHARD: l to r: Jean Goto, Sonja Sweeney, Katy Rubin, (floor) Jennifer Moses
Epilogue, inspired by THE AUDIENCE!

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