My work as a director is focused on the development of new plays, ensemble driven work and unusual storytelling techniques.  It’s imperative to me to contextualize the work through research and civic engagement and to use a theatrical event to reveal a truth about today’s issues.  My art asks questions like, “Who gets access to food” or “What is the purpose of marriage in the United States?”

Part of my responsibility as a director is to create a working environment that is open to feedback and cross-pollination of ideas, while still respecting the individual craft and expertise of each artist involved.  I love to nurture each performers’ idiosyncrasies, bringing their other talents in to the room even when they seem unrelated.  I relish in allowing the creative team to play, especially when the perfect solution is not initially discovered. Ultimately, I view my work as that of a conductor, synthesizing the collective into a cohesive and powerful vision.

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